Activities of Guwahati Management Association During February 2016 GMA celebrated AIMA Foundation Day on 24th Feb 2016.

  • FEB 24, 2016

Guwahati Management Association (GMA) observed the 60th AIMA Foundation day” in the evening on 24th Feb 2016 under the president ship of D.N.Barua. Er. Hareswar Talukdar spoke on theme “Smart India, Powering Growth with Prowess”. In his deliberation he give stress on Knowledge oriented paradigm of development, the Knowledge Economy as much of human history India was both the large economy in the world and leading science and technology originator such as gifting the world the game changer in science the ‘Zero and Decimal’. He also stressed on R&D but lamented that business community has only invested less than one percent of the sale.

Mr Sandip Chanda, an I T engineer with start-up experience followed with the talk from the view point of young engineers. Mr Chanda described the kind of difficulty a start-up enterprise has to face, mainly for lack of venture capital. Besides he had spoken about the problem of engineering graduates not having any industry specific training. He felt if at all companies like Foxcom come to India, they will be hard pressed to find suitable manpower.

Mr. Santikam Hazarika, the founder director of Assam Institute of Management, summed the discussion. He had felt it would not be difficult to train the large unemployed skilled manpower available India in job specific skill once industry are set up.

Sri Tamal Sen offered vote of thanks.