• FEB 15, 2014

The above four days programme with nearly 60 participant from across the region underwent at training hall of I.O.C.L (Guwahati Refinery) during 12th February to 15th February 2014. The “SAFIM”(SREE AUROBINDO FOUNDATION FOR INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT) a renowned Management Research institute of Pondicherry was the technical consultant. Institute through hard research has been trying to amalgamate Indian moral, culture, and ethics with modern scientific method of training to get better and affective result. Director SriSaikatSen of SAFIM-himself had carried the training programme. According to DrSen, the ongoing Innovation training with the integrated concept is the first time which has been introduced in the North East.

The notable feature of the programme is that the Dept. of Public Enterprise of Govt of Assam participated by nominating 50% of the 60 Nos of participants from the corporations under its control. This was a clear indication of its concern to make every individual innovative to move forward in the present day tough competition worldwide. Response from Central Public Sector was also very encouraging. However, sadly, private corporates of North East seem to be very sky which should be a cause of concern.

The training programme was inaugurated under the presided of Prof. Anil Goswami former Principal of Cotton College and untiring personality in his contribution to the society with his knowledge on science & research .In his address he thanked GMA for their effort through training the youths of the region to make them skillful to take charge of region’s economic development .He advised the participants to take home the learning here-and to build a team of skilled work force and drive the initiative throughout their organizations and elsewhere to make this trainings effective and meaningful. Sri D.N. Barua presiding over the function, while welcoming the guest and other dignitaries explained the background of the objective of the training on innovation and its importance. He said that innovation is now the only tool to carry the region and the country to navigate to hard journey of present day stiff competitive environment all around the globe. The nation having better innovation culture shall have an edge over others and ultimate winner. He advised the trainees that innovation is dormant within you which have to be practiced to energise your inner connect to get the full potentiality in the field. Sri SatinderAnand , Vice-President of GMA gave the vote of thanks. He particularly highly appreciated the cooperation of Assam Public Enterprise Dept of Assam and the management of Guwahati Refinery (IOCL). He also thanked all distinguished guests, Directors and members of GMA and trainees present.

In the valedictory session held after the completion of the training, a number of trainees spoke highly about the benefit of this training. Feedback from trainees was excellent and requested Guwahati Management Association to frequently repeat the training and assured to disperse their learning to their colleagues to drive it across their own organization.

Sri S B Sarmah – General Secretary of GMA anchored the session and Dr. SaikatSen , Director of SAFIM – presiding over the session in his address advised the trainees to contact him whenever needed to enable them to culture the innovative attitude. The training ended with vote of thanks by Sri S. Anand, Vice-President of GMA.

... Mr. S.B. Sarmah , Mr. SaikatSen, Prof. Anil; Goswami, Mr. S. Anand and Speech by Mr. D.N. Barua