Management Development Programme

  • APR 10, 2010

Seminar on "Tourism as an Engine of Growth.Destination of North East "

“Politics are fundamental for meaningful planning and strategy formulation which leads itself to successful implementation in the field But neither policy nor planning can put any region on the  trajectory of desired growth without the participation of the community in an industry like tourism which has earned the sobriquet of eco-tourism in the context of ecological hotspot that the North East."

  • To provide a platform for interaction amongst all stake holders concerned with tourism industry in order to arrive at a holistic approach for tourism development in North East.
  • To provide a logical  framework to gain an insight into various aspect  of tourism planning and management.
  • To develop , with the hands on knowledge of various stake holders , a better understanding of issues concerning tourism in the context  of North East.
  • To arrive ata consensus for formulation of implementable policies , determination of ways and means for community participation in tourism and developing marketing strategies and mechanism for rapid growth of tourism in the North East.

Addressing the seminar on North East tourism organized by the Guwahati Management Association at the Srimanta Sankardev Kalakhetra, His Excellency the Governor said that about five million foreign tourists Visit India every year which is much less campared to other Asian countries like China, Malaysis, Thailand etc. He said that around 54 million tourists visit China every year, while, Malaysis attracts around 21 million and Thailand around 14.5 million tourists every year.

A few salient recommendation:

1. The tourism asset need to be planned in 3 levels. a) International importance. b)National Importance. c) Local Importance.
2. An institutional frame work for people’s Participation in rural tourism should be initiated .
3. An implementable tourism policy which can be easily in the field is the need. The present Policy is just a guideline.
4 .People should hands to celebrate 2012 as the year of tourism .
5. A model agency like tourism Board to be formed .
6. With the increase in literate and highly educated youths changing the demographic pattern , tourism need to be developed parallel with agriculture sector as tourist profile has changed who now prefer exotic Location, culture , ecology and rural life style .

... Seminar was inaugurated by His Excellency the Governor of Assam J.B.Patnaik