Northeast Energy Conclave-Powering the Northeast: Availability, Accessibility & Affordability With active participation of Guwahati Management Association

  • JULY 28, 2017

Details of Event: To explore the energy potential and growingimportance of North eastern Region, ICC organised a dedicatedprogram which served as catalyst and identified and facilitated andrecommended a definite road map for sustenance and affordableenergy mix by engaging Government and industry.

Theme Presentation & Address: Mr NitinZamre, Managing Director, ICF

Executive Address By Chief Guest: Mr PallabLochan Das, Hon’bleMinister of State(Power) Government of Asam.

Address by Special Guest: Mr E.P.Kharbhih, Commissioner and secretary,Power Department, Meghalaya.

Brief summary of the event: The conclave was regulated with an InauguralSession and Plenary Sessions dedicated one each for ‘Ensuring Power availability by revamping up the distribution & Transmission System’, ‘Harnessing the potential of Renewables’, ‘ Hyderocarbon Vision of the North east’ to conclude.

Diligent presentations by the eminent speakers and a meaningful Q&A session added to the totality and success of the conclave.