Minutes of 45th Annual General Meeting of Guwahati Management Association

  • JAN 20, 2017

Agenda-1: Registration of Members.

Agenda-2: AGM started after quorum was formed. There were 38 members present. The G.S called the meeting to order and asked MrD.N.Barua, President to deliver the address.

Agenda-3: MrD.N.Barua, President welcomed all the Members and Guests and conveyed complements for the New Year. He asked members to suggest how to go about in the new year to make GMA a strong, progressive and successful organisation. He also asked the Directors to identify the areas where their contributions are required. He said every year comes with a difference. We have already done CSR. We must take the opportunity to make the year different and go in for more and more new activities in the ladder.

Agenda-4: The Hon General Secretary read out the Secretary Report for 2016-17. He spoke about the reason behind the proposed change in the Governing Board. The detailed report of the General Secretary enclosed.

Agenda-5: The Hon. Treasurer Mr Mukul Bora presented his Profit & Loss Accounts Report. MrR.P.Neog, Member, proposed the resolution, which was accepted by the House.

Agenda-6: Miss GayatriPhukan, Member, proposed for appointment of Mr. S.K.Beira, CA as Auditor for the year 2016-17 at an Annual emolument of Rs 5,000/- per annum. The proposal was accepted by the House.

Agenda-7: The General Secretary read out the reason for allowing MrD.N.Barua and Mr Mukul Bora to contest for President & Hon. Treasurer respectively to contest beyond two consecutive terms. The recommendation of the Board was accepted by the House unanimously.

Agenda-8: MrRajen Chowdhury, Returning Officer, then taken over and conducted the election strictly as per laid down guidelines.

Special Resonation for Amendment of Constitution:

i) With a minor change of the original proposal from the Board reducing the categories of Corporate membership from 4 to 2 nos, MrParagPhukan, Member, proposed to reduced the Corporate category from 4 to 2 with Annual Membership fees of Rs 3,000/- for Small & Medium Corporate and Rs 6,000/- for Large Corporate, instead of Rs 5,000/- and Rs 10,000/- respectively recommended by the Board. The House accepted the revised proposal.

ii) The amendment was intended to increase the number of Directors in the Government Board from the present 16 to 20. Mr. R.P.Neog, Member, moved the proposal to increase the number of individual members from 4 to 6; the Co-Opted Members from from 3 to 5; and reducing the Corporate Members from 3 to 2. The House accepted the proposed change unanimously.

Agenda-9: The Returning Officer declared the election results and the structure of the new Governing Board as follows.

President: MrD.N.Barua.

Vice President: MrS.B.Sarmah.
                           Mr Chiranjeeb Chaliha

Ho. Secretary: MrD.Gohain.

Hon Treasurer: Mr Mukul Bora

Hon Joint Secretary: MrParagPhukan.

Individual Directors: Mr. S.Anand
                                    Mr O.P.Dahima
                                    Mr Subhasish Das
                                    Mr Simanta Goswami

Corporate Directors: Mr K.G. Deb Krori
                                    Mr ANNI Laskar
                                    Mr Kishor Kumar

As such, as per the amendment of the Constitution, the following positions in the Board will remain vacant:
From Individual Member to Board recommended members: 5

Agenda-10: MrS.B.Sarmah, Vice President offered the Vote of Thanks.