World Population Day

  • JUL 11, 2017

Under the mandate of UNDP, WORLD PPOPULATION DAY was observed by GMA every year since 1989 to highlight the danger from the exponential growth of world population. This year the program was organized in Indiana Centre, Guwahati on 11th July, 2017.

a) Keynote speech by Prof (Dr) Anil Mahanta.
b) The Population Policy of Assam By Dr.Ilias Ali, Prof. of Surgery, GMC, HOD, Emergency Medicine and Member of Population Policy, Govt of Assam

The theme to highlight this year was “Family Planning; Empowering People in Developing Nations”. For Assam the day carried added significance this year as the state’s Population Policy has been announced. Participation and interaction in the program was total and the speakers brought out the dangers posed by the growing population, need for the growing public awareness and the steps taken by the Government to contain the situation.