National Productivity Week Celebration on Feb 12 2016

  • FEB 12, 2016

The Guwahati Management Association & the National Productivity Council celebrated the National Productivity Week through a joint lecture session in Guwahati on the 12th Feb’ 2016.

The theme of the session was “Ease of doing business for greater productivity and sustainable growth”. Mr S Mallik, Regional Director, N P C, welcomed the guests, highlighting the present business environment in India. Mr Mallik mentioned about a few of the maze of regulation which had been simplified by the present Govt for ease of doing business. He had also mentioned about U N ‘s Ease of doing Business Index rating, in which India’s rating had improved somewhat in last one year up from 134 to 130. Mr Mallik felt that another factor which keeps away Foreign Direct Investment from India is the very high level of corruption. In this respect India’s rating has improved its rating according to the list published by Transparency International. Mr H S Das IAS (Retired), Ex Addl. Chief Secy, and the Chief Information Commissioner, Assam, inaugurated the session. Mr Das emphasised the need for faster and sustained growth for this Region of the country, in absence of which youths have to go to various places in the country seeking employment. Mr Das felt that the current Govt in Delhi is trying hard to remove irritants of business in India, and one plausible improvement is absence of corruption in high places, and no fixers and brokers seen in the corridors of Central Govt offices in Delhi.

Mr Shantikam Hazarikathe eminent management expert and the founder director of Assam Management Inst. delivered the keynote address. In his address Mr Hazarika dealt in detail the impediments of business in India leading to poor rating of India among various countries of the world. Though there has been some improvement in the rating lately, he felt this is only marginal and India should be able to break into the top fifty countries of the world to have any meaningful impact on investment.. Though there had been some tangible improvement in business environment lately like removal of corruption in high places, he felt that India will gain significantly in the global yardstick once the G S T bill is passed.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks offered by Mr S B Sharma VicePresident, GMA, where he expressed happiness with the joint program and wished to have more such program with NPC.

... Date: 12 Feb, 2016. The theme of the session was "Ease of doing business for greater productivity and sustainable growth".