Joint Meeting of Guwahati Management Assn.(GMA) and the College of Defence Management, Secundrabad on 14th December, 2016

  • DEC 14, 2016

A team of officers from the college for Defense Management (CDM), Secunderabad visited Assam to explore feasibility of utilizing mighty river Brahmaputra as the most dependable water channel for transport of Goods and services to the land locked Northeast, through improved management practices, available modern technology and utilizing the background of present and past experience.

A joint interactive meeting between Guwahati Management Association and College of Defense Management (CDM) had taken place on 14th December, prior to the Off-Campus Seminar organized by CDM at Guwahati on 15th December, 2016, , to emphasis on development of Brahmaputra basin with relevance to Country's defense.

The meeting was addressed by Ex Meghalaya Governor Sri R.S.Mooshahary, Brig.J.S.Rajpurahit, Sr Faculty of CDM and Admiral D.S.Chuhan, Commandant, CDM. The theme of the meeting was Leadership in Defense and its Relevance to Corporate leadership. The meeting was organized by the Guwahati Management Association at Red Contemporary Dining on 14.12.2016 afternoon.

Welcome address: President MrD.N.Barua introduced the guests, and ladies felicitated them with traditional Gamocha and flower Bouquets. In the address, MrBarua briefed on the growth of the Guwahati Management Association, its ongoing activities, its mission and vision. He had emphasized the need of development of the Brahmaputra basin which ultimately will lead to development of entire Northeast.

Felicitation to Everest Heroin Ms Ansu Jemsenpa
The meeting welcomed triple Everest conqueror MsAnsuJensempa and MsMamoniBarthakur garlanded. her. Msjemsenpa. acknowledged the greetings and described how she keeps herself fit for those arduous missions. Shementionedits more important to keep the mind focused rhan to keep the bady fit

Shri R.S.Mooshahary spoke about the law and order situation in different parts of the country and stressed on humane approach to tackle this difficult problem. He expressed happiness to see CDM coming to Northeast with a important project on hand. He asked CDM why they did not come earlier ? He said the Northeast is faced with multiple problems from lack of development to insurgency He urged the mainland to come to Northeast, understand its problem, for better appreciation and devise optimum solutions.

Address by Members of College of Defense Management: MrJ.S.Rajpurohit, Senior Faculty member of the College of Defense Management, Secunderabad deliberated on the theme of the meeting.

Leadership in Defense and its applicability in Corporate Sector:In his deliberations, he dealt on the techniques adopted in Defense operations mainly to handle man power. He stressed the need of manpower management, which he explained as contacts at all levels, flexibility, cooperation and trust development, which will bring success in management of any organization. Many instances were shown by him how leaders of corporate world and defense forces emphasized on good relations between leaders and subordinates to be successful in important ventures in all field of activities.

MrArimdamSaha, Faculty Member deliberated on all aspects of the Secunderabad College, which is the only. College of Defense Management of the country and shown how the courses are conducted in various segments.

This was followed by the summarizing lecture by R Admiral D.S.Chuhan, Commandant, and CDM. The Admiral spoke about his background as a submarine engineer of the Indian Navy, where he was involved in Commend & Training including developing Nuclear Subs, with lessons learnt and importance of best management practices on such missions.

Interactions followed after speeches with the faculty members, in which the participants took up active part. In reply to the question from the participants as to how the whole operation at Normandy was carried by the Allied forces, MrRajpurahit emphasized that the entire operation was well planned and carried out with non-conventional strategy and was a calculated move which was successful despite considerable casualty.

MrPurahit did not agree to the question that the Indian Army was taken aback, unprepared to face the actual buildup of forces in the Kargil Heights and suffered lots of casualties in the first phase of the war, but admitted that number of army men of the Indian Army fell to the enemy bullets when they tried to climb up to the heights.

At 6.00 PM the meeting ended with Vote of Thanks offered by Mr S B Shatma Vice President, G M A and with High Tea.