Report on the theme - Management lesson from Traditional Texts

  • MAR 12, 2014

On the 12th of March 2014 a lecture session on -‘Management Lessons from Traditional Texts’ was organized at NERIM by the Guwahati Management Association (GMA) in collaboration with NERIM Group of Institutions, Guwahati.It was an escalating session highlighted by the prestigious presence of Mr. Rajiv Yadav, IAS, and CMD of APDCL.Mr. Yadav was accompanied for the lecture by the president and the vice-president of GMA Mr. D.N.Baruah, and Mr. S.B.Sarmah respectively. Apart from them few more guests from GMA and ASEB were present at the lecture session. The Director of NERIM Group of Institutions, Dr. ZoiiNathSarmah graced the occasion as the honourable Chief Guest. The Dean of Academics and Administration Dr. SangeetaTripathi, and the Registrar Dr. M. C. Bhuyan of NERIM Group of Institutions shared the dais with the Chief Guest, Speaker and other invitees. The lecture session started with the introduction of Mr. Rajiv Yadav by Mr. D.N. Baruah followed by a spirited welcome speech forwarded by Dr. SangeetaTripathi.

The main point of reference in Mr. Yadav’s enchanting lecturewas the relationship of management and traditional values scripted in Vedic literature namely the Ramayana. His unique correlation of two vastly diverse subjects incited amusement and furtheradded up to the realms of knowledge of the listeners. In his speech Mr. Yadav tried to establish the presence of management theories in the traditional texts of the Ramayana with its intact values and morals. He sketched a link and drew correlationsbetween the ventures ofLord Rama with modern day management and leadership theories.Mr. Yadav looked a keen observer on the character traits of Lord Rama, such ashis endurance and generosity, in winning over a crisis situation with minimum resources.He stressed on developing the two most important management qualities - courage and patience – for the success of a present day manager. Apart from them Mr. Yadav also interrelated the qualities of Lord Rama such as identifying the weakest link, generous but stable leadership, and psychological understandingas vital characteristic traits of a manager today. Moreover, he referred to the role of Hanumana, Sugrivaand the VanarSenainthe decisive battle of Lanka.The lecture session was later followed by an interactive session where Mr. Yadav provided suitable answers to the queries generated by the students. The curtains were pulled over on the session with the generous vote of thanks forwarded separately for GMA by Mr. S.B. Sarma and Ms. Kaynat T. R. Borah for NERIM Group of Institutions.

In total the speech by Mr. Rajiv Yadavwas pragmatic with brilliant correlated thoughts that spread across the Vedic literature to the modern management thoughts.