Avenues for Investemnt through Financial and Tax Planning held on 25 Jan, 2013

  • JAN 25, 2013

A meeting organized by the Guwahati Management Association with H D F C Mutual Fund was held at Hotel Rajmahal, Guwahati, on the 25th Jan 2013 evening. The meeting was attended by more than fifty numbers of G M A and invited guests. Mr. D.P. Mahapatra, Senior Manager, H D F C Mutual Fund, Guwahati initiated the discussions with a PP presentation on various investment options offered by Mutual funds scheme suitable for different time horizons for retail investors of various age group The presentation showed the benefits of wealth creation of long term investment in capital market through equity mutual funds. As Mutual Funds offered professional expertise to reduce volatility and risks associated with trading in equity instruments.

This presentation was followed by a talk by Mr. S. K. Saha, Chief General Manager, APDCL (ASEB), where he explained about various scopes for tax saving through investment in the capital market and Mutual Fund ELSS scheme.

The last invited speaker was Advocate Mr. Ramesh Goenka, who is a tax consultant besides being an eminent lawyer. Mr. Goenka mainly pointed about the ambiguity in tax laws, which is effecting various incentive schemes meant for investment in the North East India. He had impressed upon G M A, along with other business bodies to urge the Finance Ministry to come up with clear cut directives on taxes on incentives. The investors otherwise have become apprehensive to invest in North esastern India and avail of benefit of tax breaks.

There was a good interaction of the speakers with the audience, some of whom expressed doubt in the wisdom of investing in Mutual Funds in this volatile stock market scenario. The presentation showed however that wealth may be created in the long run through the professional expertise of Mutual Funds which would give much higher returns than Bank deposits.

The meeting ended with vote of Thanks offered by Mr Dhireswar Gohain, Director of Guwahati Management Association.