Lecture Session & Discussion

I. Modern Management on Background of Indian Philosophy and Culture .
Date :  19th June , 2009 .
Venue : At NERIM , Khanapara, Guwahati 
Speaker : Mr. B. Mahadevan , Dean , IIM, Bangalore
Participants : 100 Members of GMA , Guest along with facilities and students of NERIM.
The event was organized in collaboration with NERIM an institutional members of AiMA and a Management Institute.

II. Need of Development of Skill of Manager

Date : 27.06.2009
Venue : Hotel Rajmahal , Paltanbazar, Guwahati.
Speaker : Mr. J.P. Rajkhowa, IAS(Retd) Former Secretary, Assam.
Participants : 100 
A lecture session on Need of Development of the Skill of Managers" was held along with the day long 35th Annual General General Meeting of Guwahati Management Association.

III. On Leadreship , Innovation and peak performance

Date : 25th July , 2009
Venue : IOC (Guwahati Refinery) Training centre 
Participants : 80 from members of GMA , Officers of IOC and guest .
Speaker & Chief guest : Dr. Prem Saran , IAS – Commissioner & Addl Principal Secretary to the Govt of Assam .The event was organized in collaboration with (IOC) Guwahati Refinery)   

IV. “Enterpreneurship- Present Trend”

Date : 18th December, 2009
Venue : Assam State Museum Hall
Participants : 80-
Speaker : Mr. Ravi Capoor, IAS ,  Commissioner and Secretary, Industry Govt of Assam
Mr. D.N. Barua welcomed the participants and out lined about the topics of the evening .
Mr. P.K. Barthakur in spoke about the facilities given by the Government for opening an industry or SSI Unit in Assam.

V. Managing India : Turning a dream into reality

Date : 25/ 02/ 2010
Participants :100
Speaker : Mr. D.N. Bezboruah , Former President of Editor Guild of India 
Guwahati Management Association (GMA) celebrated the National Management Day 2009-2010 on 25th February , 2010 which was attended by one hundred participants from GMA members, academicians, members of Rotary Club , guest and student from Management Institutes.

View of Webcasting of AIMA Foundation Day celebration at New Delhi on 22.02.2010.
Directors and members of GMA gather in GMA office and web viewed the Flagship event of AIMA’s Foundation Day and presentation of award at Hotel LeMeridian , New Delhi
Date : 22/02/2010 
Venue : Conference Room of GMA Office .
Member “ 15 (Directors & members of GMA)

Theme : “ Managing India- Turning dream in to reality “.